Lishi looks a bit like Tai Ji or Wu Shu but that's just what's on the surface. It's about getting loads of energy and using it to get your life on track, where you want it..

At a Lishi class you can expect to take part in movements that are similar to Tai Ji (called 'swimming in air') which are fluid and graceful.

At the core of Lishi is good physical alignment, breathing and energy (Qi) work. All the movements and dances can be done slowly (Yin) or faster (Yang).

You might be practising a group dance for 20 minutes followed by practising a movement with a partner you've never met before for another 10 minutes under supervision. Before every partner exercise you learn to bow and demonstrate respect and other virtues which play a significant part in becoming a true exponent of Lishi.


As seen at "A Time for Tai Chi" Somerset House 2008, 2010 and 2012

Image below: London Lishi Arts leading early morning Tai Chi at Somerset House in June 2010.


A Time for Tai Chi at Somerset House

London Lishi Arts is a registered charity (no. 1114627) that aims to promote health through education in the Chinese physical activity of Weihai Lishi Quanfa to benefit people in London. Our 6 qualified teachers each run classes at various times of the week all of which are open to beginners.